Car armoring: security technologies of the XXI century

People began to armor cars at the dawn of the era of motor transport. The first such vehicle was created in 1902, and during the First World War, the armored personnel carriers were actively used in combat areas.

Modern technologies make it possible to turn an ordinary car into an invulnerable, but at the same time comfortable moving fortress. Armored vehicles are in demand by representatives of the political and cultural establishment, other famous and wealthy people, as well as representatives of law enforcement agencies.

The growing popularity of such vehicles has led to the fact that armored vehicles are manufactured not only in specialized companies, but also in small—scale productions (for example, at Audi, DaimlerChrysler, BMW, etc.). In this case, the protective components are integrated into the bearing surfaces of the body, which allows you to reduce the weight of the car. However, such cars have a high price — despite the fact that the level of protection is not always sufficient.

It is more effective to contact a specialized company, where the car is completely disassembled, equipped with protective components (steel sheets, ballistic fabric, etc.), and then assembled. In fact, an armored capsule is created under the “native” outer shell, resistant to shock, fragmentation, small arms, explosive and other similar effects. It is created by “overlapping”, which eliminates the appearance of vulnerable fragments at the junction of armor plates.

Bulletproof glass can withstand shots even at close range, and the protection installed on the wheels allows you to drive with damaged tires.

A special advantage of this technology is that the car looks indistinguishable from ordinary, unprotected counterparts.

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