Only personal vehicles invulnerable to basic weapons or high-explosive impact will protect against attacks and other assaults. It is necessary for politicians, security-service agents, leading businessmen, famous sportsmen and artists, celebrities and other VIP-persons.

The undoubted advantage of Armor Group’s armored vehicles is that externally they are indistinguishable from conventional analogs, and powerful protection does not show itself up (even the paintwork is preserved).

Each car undergoes rigorous ballistic tests as well as special tests with shooting from real combat weapons. This guarantees its ability to withstand the attack and to ensure the invulnerability of the cabin, the engine compartment and other important points of construction.

Armor Group 's own production facilities with high-tech equipment makes it possible to offer reliable and high-quality armored vehicles to customers. Strict compliance with European, Russian, American criteria and safety regulations is observed, which is confirmed by certificates СЕNVРАМ 2009 (FB7-10, BR7-10), GOST Р 50963-96, NАTОАEР 55 SТАNAG-4569 (level 2).

Armor Group has the status of an official manufacturer, which is confirmed by the certificate of assignment of the international identification code (WMI - World Manufacturer Identifier) available to each vehicle manufacturer.

Window openings are closed with bulletproof glass, the rest of the body is protected by heat-treated armor plates. This makes the inner space invulnerable in assaults and other assaults with the use of small arms.



Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200-based car of high explosion-proof design is available at the dealer, Armor Group LLC!
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Компания АрморГрупп предупреждает - на рынке производителей бронеавтомобилей появились мошенники:
  1. Предлагают низкую цену за бронирование автомобилей при полном отсутствии документации!
  2. Нет сертификатов, подтверждающих пулестойкость и взрывостойкость автомобилей!

    Качество бронирования подтверждается исключительно словами менеджеров!

  3. Нет Одобрения Типа Транспортного Средства, позволяющего регистрировать бронеавтомобиль в органах ГИБДД и эксплуатировать его на дорогах общего пользования на законных основаниях.
  4. Компания -«псевдобронировщик с богатым опытом»-отсутствует в реестре производителей бронеавтомобилей Минпромторга!
  5. Реализация подобных автомобилей с 1 июля 2017 года станет невозможной, из-за введения электронных паспортов.