Armored cars based on Infiniti

Infiniti QX 80
Infiniti QX 80

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Ample high-profile SUV. Its glasses are completely resistant to direct hits from firearms and high-explosive fragmenting action of projectiles. Armored car is equipped with...

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Armor Group offers an armored Infiniti QX80. The distinguishing features of the vehicle are high bullet resistance and operating reliability.

This vehicle is capable of providing passengers with 100% protection from direct hit of bullets and various fragments. Exteriorly, armored Infiniti QX80 is no different from the original one. Even the original paintwork is preserved. Internal parts and units also remain the same.

What is installed in armored Infiniti QX80?

The factory system of passive safety is completely preserved in armored Infiniti QX80. After installation of additional elements the car undergoes serious tests, which is recorded in the relevant documents.

If you want to buy a reliable and comfortable armored Infiniti QX80 at an affordable price, call us at 8 (800) 200 8 999. Our managers will provide competent advice and inform the final cost of the vehicle. All cars are supported by factory warranty.

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