24 October 2016
There are different technologies, many factors depend on the type and category of the vehicle (military, collector, etc.), as well as on the requirements for the protection class.
24 October 2016
Vehicles with powerful additional protection are externally indistinguishable from ordinary ones. They do not stand out in the traffic flow and do not attract too much attention, at the same time ensuring the complete safety of people in the cabin from external attacks.
24 December 2015
This type of transport visually looks like a standard car, which practically has no external signs of the presence of additional protective equipment. At the same time, it is a real moving fortress, able not only to ensure the safety of the interior space, but also to preserve the ability to move even with damaged tires.
18 November 2015
It is hardly advisable for an ordinary man to purchase an armored car. First of all, such a car is not cheap. Moreover, its maintenance also requires additional expenses. This is due to the increased load that unites and aggregates have to experience due to the presence of heavy armor protection. Fuel consumption is also noticeably increased.
18 November 2015
Modern technologies allow you to install armor on almost any car. This turns it into a reliable, safe vehicle, invulnerable to assassination attempts with firearms and explosives.


Toyota Land Cruiser 200-based armored vehicles of a higher explosion-proof design! Available at the dealer, OOO Armor Group.

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