During what time is the production of an armored car carried out?

Armoring of the car could be made within 14 days.

    This duration of the modification process is due to the technological scope of work:
  • dismantling the facing of car body elements;
  • welding of armor plates, installation of ordered bulletproof glasses;
  • strengthening of suspension and braking system, which have to carry out increased weight of the car body;
  • assembly and return of a presentable appearance to the exterior and interior of the car.

A properly armored car is outwardly indistinguishable from usual cars.

What guarantees do you provide?

Armored vehicles manufactured by our company are guaranteed for a period of 1 year, without mileage limitation. At the expense of the manufacturer, damaged parts of the body or chassis of the armored car can be repaired or replaced.

What documents are required for registration with the traffic police?

The state registration of an armored car produced and purchased at our company is carried out in accordance with all legal requirements.

    The list of documents which the buyer (or his representative) provides to the traffic police:
  • vehicle passport;
  • approval of the vehicle type (state sample);
  • certificates for armor (armor protection);
  • certificates for the materials used in the creation of the armored car;
  • vehicle purchase agreement;
  • Accounting documents

After paying the state duty and other payments stipulated by law, the owner receives state license plates for the car. The car is ready for service!

Can you carry out warranty and service maintenance of special vehicles?

All work on warranty, post-warranty repair, and maintenance of special vehicles is carried out at authorized stations of ArmorGroup dealers. Our armored vehicles are in demand both in Russia and abroad.

    Currently, owners of such cars can apply for help at repair shops of seven dealerships. Their location:
  • Southern, North Caucasus and Central Federal Districts;
  • Middle East;
  • Ukraine;
  • Moldova.

Addresses and phone numbers can be found on the company's website, on the "Contacts" page. The staff of any of the above service stations is highly qualified, service and repair work are carried out quickly and efficiently.

How to choose the necessary protection class of an armored car?

Armoring of cars by specialists of ArmorGroup LLC is made in accordance with the provisions of Russian R 50963-96 state standard on general technical requirements for the armor protection of special vehicles. Due to the strict compliance of armored vehicles with the above regulations, people, money, valuable and dangerous goods transported in them are always protected from the damaging effects of small arms.

Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, the company developed the AG-412230 special car, which in 2013 was awarded the European VPAM 10 certificate as the safest civilian car in the world. It protects against most armor-piercing charges, including defeats with a Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD).

What is the fuel consumption of your Toyota LC200 BR5 armored car?

With the air conditioner running at full power, the fuel consumption of our Toyota LC200 armored car with the highest Br5 level of protection for civilian vehicles is 30-34 liters per 100 km for a gasoline engine.

What is the maximum speed of your Br 5 armored vehicles?

The recommended speed is 120 km/h.

Could the client roll down a window in armored vehicle?

Yes, it's possible. Front windows by 90 mm.

How much does the weight of the car increase when armoring?

Despite the highest level of protection for civilian vehicles, our engineers managed to keep the weight of the car to a minimum. The weight may vary depending on the configuration of the car.

How much is the space in the cabin reduced? Is it comfortable for a person with a height of, for example, 190 cm to drive?

If a person is comfortable driving in a regular Toyota 200, then the level of comfort in an armored car will be the same.

How much does the windshield distort?

When glass is produced, manufacturers check the optical parameters of the product: distortion, displacement, deformation and blurring.

Are there any restrictions where you can export your vehicles?

There are no restrictions. Armored vehicles are exported to all regions of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad.

How is the delivery carried out?

The transport department organizes the fastest possible delivery, thanks to the presence of its own car carriers of the ArmorGroup factory.

Are your cars safe?

Yes. ArmorGroup armored vehicles undergo ballistic tests and firing from real combat weapons. You can watch the appropriate videos on the company's website, on the "Tests" page.

Where are your vehicles manufactured?

Nizhny Novgorod, 82 Molodezhny Ave.

What standard functions remain in the car after armoring?

When armoring a car, the entire system of standard security doesn't change.

Can you make an individual interior?

Yes, we can.

Why did you certify Toyota specifically? Which car do you recommend for armoring?

The Toyota is the most popular civilian armored vehicle due to its reliability, availability of spare parts, maintainability, etc.

What are the terms of production of armored vehicles?

The armoring period for standard equipment is 14 working days.

What are your prices for armored cars?

Armoring prices depend on the class of protection, interior, additional options, etc. As an example: all prices start from 3,500,000 rubles.

Which cars can you armor?

Every car which is able to withstand the extra weight of the armor. The engine, steering, suspension, brakes and other components can be modified, but only within certain limits.

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