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CEO Gusarovsky O. N.

ArmorGroup is a leading manufacturer of VIP—class armored vehicles. The vehicles of our plant are in demand among business and government representatives, law enforcement agencies. ArmorGroup cars have been supplied to all regions of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad since 2006.
Using of modern technologies, as well as the plant's own patented developments, allows us to create vehicles that are visually identical to the basic models. The design process includes scanning the car body in three-dimensional format, which makes it possible to build graphic images of parts with complex geometry and work out all potentially vulnerable hard-to-reach areas. At the same time, the vehicle retains high dynamic characteristics and can be used both for transporting valuable cargo and as an escort car. The well-minded layout of the salon allows VIP clients who are accustomed to a high level of personal comfort to operate cars manufactured by ArmorGroup company.



The Armorgroup company assumes obligations for complex maintenance of equipment,Подробнее effective after the first buyer receives the car (as well as his representative or intermediary). If there is a need to replace components or perform repairs due to a factory defect or incorrect assembly of the vehicle, these works are performed free of charge.


The ArmorGroup service department performs a full range of maintenance and post-warranty repair Подробнее of armored vehicles. The service center makes improvements to both the main vehicle systems (replacement of window regulators, brake systems, etc.) and specific maintenance of armor elements.


ArmorGroup cars comply with the safety standards adopted by Подробнее European countries, USA and Russia. The systems are certified according to NATOAEP 55 STANAG 4569 (Level 2), GOST R 50963-96, CENVPAM 2009 (FB7-10, BR7-10) and they provide reliable protection both from small arms and the high-explosive impact of grenades.



Legal address: 603041, Nizhny Novgorod, prospekt Molodezhny, 82

Mailing address: 603101, Nizhny Novgorod, prospekt Molodezhny, 35-76

Phone: +7 (831) 298-62-03

Email: sales1@armor-gr.ru

Tax payer number: 5263056732

KPP: 525601001

R/s: 40702810701070009826

Bank: PAO NBD-Bank

C/S: 30101810400000000705

BIK: 042202705

OGRN: 1065263037597

dated September 27 , 2006

Завод "АрморГрупп"
проспект Молодежный, 82 603041 Нижний Новгород, Россия
+7 (831) 298-62-03 sales@armor-gr.ru
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  5. Реализация подобных автомобилей с 1 июля 2017 года станет невозможной, из-за введения электронных паспортов.