Armored car based on «Mercedes-Benz V-class»

Price: on request
the final price depends on the configuration and protection grade of the car

  • Mileage No
  • Year of release 2022
  • Colour Black
  • Engine type Diesel
  • Engine capacity 2143 cm3
  • Engine power 190 hp
  • Transmission Automatic transmission
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Armored protection of Mercedes-Benz V class
  • Armor protection of the car along the perimeter of its interior (with a cross-wall behind the third row of seats).
  • Armored anti-shatter floor protection
  • Armored roof protection.
  • Bullet-resistant glass with an internal shatterproof coating.
  • Front sliding windows improved with an opening mechanism.
  • Rear en bloc full-size glass blocks.
  • Windscreen with electric heating.
  • Tinting of windows according to state standards
  • Armor protection of all car racks with overlap.
  • Tightening of bullet traps with “Alсantara” wash leather.
  • Boosted side door stops (for closed condition)
  • Reinforcement of regular hinge straps. Dampers of all doors.
  • Replacement of the sliding passenger door with a swing door
  • Powder fire protection system in the engine compartment
  • Metal bandages on the wheels, allowing the movement of the car with a loss of tire pressure.
  • Preservation of the entire standard security system

Armour Group armored capsule

Armour Group armored capsule MB V class


  • Brake rotors with increased heat transfer
  • High temperature resistant brake pads
  • Reinforced brake hoses


  • Replacement of standard springs with reinforced ones designed for increased vehicle weight


  • Preservation of the factory paintwork
  • Absence of external signs of armor protection

What is the fuel consumption of a Mercedes-Benz V-class armored car?

from 5.7 to 13.8 liters per 100 km.

What is the maximum speed of an armored car?

The speed of the Mercedes-Benz V-class is 206 km/h

How fast does a Mercedes-Benz V-class armored car accelerate?

Acceleration time to 100 km/h — from 9.1 to 20.6 seconds.

What is the production time of an armored car?

Armoring of a Mercedes-Benz V-class car could be made within 30 days.

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