Distinctive features

Design differences in the production of armored vehicles between ArmorGroup and other manufacturers
Multilayer protective glasses

In the manufacture of bullet-resistant glasses, companies are faced with the task of making armored glass with the maximum permissible degree of transparency and the minimum thickness possible for the structure.

Our partnership with the Russian company Magistral LTD allows us to use the most advanced solutions in this industry.

Bullet-resistant glasses installed on ArmorGroup armored vehicles have the minimum thickness possible for the protection class chosen by the customer, which preserves the optical characteristics of the glass and reduces the load on the armored vehicle structure.

Transparency and reliability. In the manufacture of bullet-resistant glasses for armored vehicles of our company, reinforced glass and modern polymers are used, which allows us to guarantee maximum transparency and excellent bullet-resistant properties of armored glass.


In the manufacture of protective multy-layer glass, the manufacturer increases its thickness to ensure bullet-resistant characteristics corresponding to the selected protection class.

Such a solution negatively affects the transparency and optical characteristics of bullet-resistant glass, and also leads to an increase in its mass and, as a consequence, an increase in the load on the structure of the armored car.

Active and passive safety systems functioning

The armored construction of ArmorGroup products allows to maintain the operation of all regular active and passive safety systems.


The armored structure does not allow maintaining the operation of all regular active and passive safety systems.

Armor protection of the engine compartment

The armored structure uses a one-piece part of the engine shield, made with the help of "hot" pressing followed by hardening in the conductor. This technical solution allows you to provide maximum protection against explosion while maintaining the integrity of the structure.


The engine shield consists of many welded elements, which does not allow for high explosion protection.


Welding of armor elements into the car body is carried out without violating the factory paintwork


The car is repainted either completely or partially.

Bullet traps

The installation of bullet traps in doorways allows for 100% overlap of possible shooting zones at the junction of the door and the middle pillar of the armored car, and also prevents the bullet-resistant glass pressing into the interior of the car with a directional side explosion.


The absence of bullet traps does not allow the armored structure of the car to provide 100% protection from the bullet and shock wave.


The elements of the armored structure undergo ballistic and drive tests in independent laboratories. According to the results we receive a certificate of conformity with the declared characteristics.


The elements of the armored structure do not have certificates of conformity.

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