Who uses armored cars?

Vehicles with powerful additional protection are externally indistinguishable from ordinary ones. They do not stand out in the traffic flow and do not attract too much attention, at the same time ensuring the complete safety of people in the cabin from external attacks.

In fact, such a car is an “armored capsule”, invulnerable to small arms, fragmentation, shock, explosive and other similar effects. In this regard, the main users of such transport are people who are at high risk of assassination. These people include:

  • politicians, businessmen, famous and wealthy citizens, people with high social status, other representatives of the establishment;
  • popular athletes, representatives of show business, media personalities;
  • heads of large enterprises, concerns, government and deputy commissions, etc.

A special category of armored car users are representatives of the security and investigative companies (including those who carry out activities in private), law enforcement agencies. Due to the specifics of their work, such people are constantly exposed to danger, therefore they need reliable, well-equipped and protected transport. For the same reason, armored vehicles are often used by military structures in “flash points” and other areas of hostilities.

Such cars are made on the basis of conventional models (Toyota, Mercedes, Lexus, Infinity). Despite the significant weighting of the structure due to additional armored elements and other means of protection, they practically do not lose dynamics and driving characteristics. This is achieved through the modernization and improvement of the main units, systems and components.

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