What kind of protection does an armored car provide?

This type of transport visually looks like a standard car, which practically has no external signs of the presence of additional protective equipment. At the same time, it is a real moving fortress, able not only to ensure the safety of the interior space, but also to preserve the ability to move even with damaged tires.

The range of applications of armored vehicles is wide enough. They are actively used by people who, due to the specifics of their activities, are at risk of encroachment.

These are representatives of law enforcement agencies (including army units), collectors, famous public figures, businessmen and politicians, pop and sports stars, as well as wealthy citizens. All of them can become targets to intruders. This type of vehicles can also be used to transport ordinary people who are in danger (for example, witnesses of criminal cases under investigation, etc.).

What does an armored car protect against?

The passengers of such cars are invulnerable to spontaneous and planned assassination attempts and other types of encroachments.

The presence of bulletproof glass and powerful armor, which is located not only on the sides, but also on the roof and under the bottom, provides protection from firearms, fragmentation and explosive effects. This is especially important when traveling to places where active hostilities are underway.

There are several classes of protection (from 1 to 6), the customer chooses it according to the specific circumstances and the possibility of certain threats.

The first class is very seldom, because it is ineffective against modern weapons.The third one is the most requested: it is effectively protecting from attacks which are conducted with utilizing Kalashnikov assault rifle and demonstrate maximum efficiency in individual protection. Such an armored vehicle is characterized by its utility: it is created on the chassis of a conventional car, its maximum load capacity is not exceeded, which eliminates the need to replace the engine with a more powerful one. This is a good, reliable type of transport for reasonable price.

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