How are different categories of armored vehicles made?

There are different technologies, many factors depend on the type and category of the vehicle (military, collector, etc.), as well as on the requirements for the protection class.

Armored cars designed to transport politicians and businessmen, stars of sports and show business, VIPs, etc. are particularly popular. They are made on the basis of a conventional car — for example, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity or Toyota.

The manufacturer's task is to ensure that the armored car not only provides the required level of protection, but also does not differ from its prototype. Thanks to this, it will not stand out in the traffic flow and attract unnecessary attention.

The initial vehicle is equipped with powerful armor protection. Bulletproof glass is installed in the window openings. Doors and other parts of the body (including the bottom and roof) are closed with armored plates. Door hinges are reinforced, brake mechanisms are upgraded, wheels of a special design are installed, additional protection of the engine compartment, fuel system and other vital systems, mechanisms and components is provided. If necessary, changes are made to the suspension and engine design: the chassis must withstand the new weight of the car, and the engine must provide sufficient traction and dynamics.

After leaving production line, each armored vehicle is tested with the use of small arms, as well as rigorous ballistic tests. Their successful passage ensures that the car is ready to withstand firearms, explosive, shock and other types of impacts.

Each armored vehicle must be certified for compliance with Russian and international safety standards.

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