History of armored vehicles

Cabs for the highest representatives of society, giving them a chance to escape in an assassination attempt, have existed since the invention of firearms and explosives. As today, no one advertised their unusual features. And this is reasonable, because if everyone knows that the vehicle is protected, in case of an attempt, the killer will most likely use a means from which the armor will not protect.

Thus, everything that is known about armored vehicles today (the first evidences appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century) is usually the result of a major success or, conversely, a failure of the security service.

The history of Soviet armored cars began with the American Packard 14 armored car which has been modified at the Derham plant in California. ПAccording to legend, Franklin Roosevelt gave this car to Stalin in 1936. But most likely, the car was just bought for the Kremlin garage.

Soon, almost all the top Soviet leadership began to use the “Packards” purchased in the USA and armored in the USSR. Sometime later, designer Andrey Nikolaevich Ostrovtsev created the ZIS-110 car and its armored version of the ZIS-115, outwardly resembling Stalin's beloved Packard, but in fact it was already a more advanced vehicle.

Modern armored cars

Nowadays armored cars are used very widely. Collectors and agents of special services are using them. And, of course, these vehicles continue to fulfill their initial task — to protect the lives of high-ranking people.

The modern automotive market offers two main ways of protection: factory and post-factory armoring.

The vast majority of customers prefer the post-factory installation of armor. This method is characterized by relative accessibility and the ability to directly influence the process of strengthening protection. You can armor almost any car, and not choose it from the standard line of the company's products. In addition, the client can independently determine the rank of security. Additionally, it is proposed to redevelop the interior and install various options.

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