Armored car: luxury or necessity?

It is hardly advisable for an ordinary man to purchase an armored car. First of all, such a car is not cheap. Moreover, its maintenance also requires additional expenses. This is due to the increased load that unites and aggregates have to experience due to the presence of heavy armor protection. Fuel consumption is also noticeably increased.

But for famous people and successful businessmen, whose personalities can become the target of assassins (politicians, businessmen, cultural figures, famous artists and athletes, etc.), an armored car is a necessity.

The same applies to representatives of law enforcement agencies, as well as all persons whose work is associated with staying in areas of combat operations, in regions with a dysfunctional criminal situation and a high level of terrorist threats. Armored vehicles can be used not only for official trips, but also for transporting other citizens who may be attacked (for example, important witnesses, people with secret information, etc.).

Armored vehicles offered by ArmorGroup have protection not only for the interior, but also for the main components, mechanisms, aggregates and systems. These are powerful and safe means of transportation, practically invulnerable to shooting, fragmentation, explosive effects. They reliably protect against spontaneous and planned attacks, assassination attempts and other encroachments. The wheels are equipped with metal bands, which allows you to drive even with damaged tires and insufficient tire pressure.

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