18 November 2015
People began to armor cars at the dawn of the era of motor transport. The first such vehicle was created in 1902, and during the First World War, the armored personnel carriers were actively used in combat areas.
28 August 2015
Cabs for the highest representatives of society, giving them a chance to escape in an assassination attempt, have existed since the invention of firearms and explosives. As today, no one advertised their unusual features. And this is reasonable, because if everyone knows that the vehicle is protected, in case of an attempt, the killer will most likely use a means from which the armor will not protect.
21 July 2015
Time of armoring depends on the professionalism of the contractor, the brand of the vehicle, the class of required protection and its technological features.
21 July 2015
Armoring of executive cars for businessmen and VIPs will not surprise anyone today. There are many companies in the world that provide such services.


Toyota Land Cruiser 200-based armored vehicles of a higher explosion-proof design! Available at the dealer, OOO Armor Group.

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